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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Well, Screw Yew!

It shows that Malaysians are observing the agreements they have signed without trying to retaliate in other directions, such as water, which will lead to war.”

That was part of what Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew reportedly said to a bunch of students at Nanyang Technological University last night.

The “agreements” which he was referring to was the one which was allegedly signed in 1990 in respect of the status of the KTM’s railway station in Tanjung Pagar and land between Bukit Timah and Tanjung Pagar. I have heard so many versions of that so-called point of agreements and the personality involved behind it. Suffice if I say that that so-called agreement is not beyond scrutiny when it comes to its enforceability.

After having said the above, The Minister Mentor continued to speak “positively” of “increasing connectivity” between Malaysia and Singapore through the construction of a third bridge. (I bet you Dr Mahathir is now hyperventilating with immense pleasure after reading that statement).

The above remark is typical of the bomb-in-floral-wrap diplomacy which Singapore is so well known for. That tiny southern cock is well known for cuckoo-ing nice little compliments and praises to its neighbours while at the same time lacing them with seemingly harmless little hypothesis of wars and mayhems.

To me, the above remark is but a reflection of Singapore’s insecurity as a smallish state without any real and tangible strength in its resources, particularly in terms of citizenry and natural sustenance capabilities.

Singapore is almost always haunted by the fact that she even have to import water from Malaysia. She is of course also mindful, at all times, of the fact that 300000 of its workforce, come from Malaysia. Her economy by and large is also dependant on Malaysia’s willingness to maintain a peaceful, cordial and neighbourly relationship with herself.

There is absolutely no reason for Lee Kuan Yew to spell out his nightmare to 1700 students in a forum, unless that nightmare has been haunting him and the rest of the Cabinet of Singapore for all of their collective life.

I would ask him, what “retaliation”? Is taking a stance – no matter how tough that stance is – in future negotiations with Singapore on any possible extension of any water agreement with Singapore an act of “retaliation”? If so, will (notice he used the word “will” and not “would”) that “retaliation” lead to war, dear Lee Kuan Yew?

If that statement was not a veiled threat to coerce and bully Malaysia into quiet submission to any whim and fancy of Singapore’s choice – particularly in any future negotiations in respect of the water agreement – I don’t know what it is.

Lee Kuan Yew and his subservient minions in Singapore’s cabinet should be more circumspect in their choice od words if they wish to maintain a warm diplomatic relationship with its neighbours, particularly Malaysia. They would be well advised to note that civilised countries do not resort to issuing a not-too-veiled threat of war at the drop of a hat.

The Philippines had always had a bone to pick with Malaysia over the latter’s more than sympathetic  stance in favour of the Moro Liberation Army’s fight for autonomy. Did it utter the word “war”? No.

Thailand’s position over Malaysia’s alleged assistance to the Islamic rebels in its southern region is also common knowledge. Did Thailand issue a “war” warning to Malaysia? No.

Brunei has had numerous overlapping territorial claims with Malaysia in the oil rich seas. Did Brunei cry “war”? No.

Indonesia has had an almost schizophrenic relationship with Malaysia leading to demonstrations on its street complete with flag burning and all. Did it  even whisper the word “war”? No.

So please, Lee Kuan Yew and friends, stop being belligerent cocks and save that “W” word for your next play-station indulgence, okay.

As a nation, Malaysia suffers 2058 air violations since the year 2008 at the hand of Singapore’s blind-as-a-bat air force pilots. In international laws and conventions, repeated and intentional encroachments into a nation’s space are acts of war. As a good neighbour, we just close our eyes and make a bit of noises once in 3 years or so. The word “war” has never left our lips.

What do you say about that Lee Kuan Yew? You don’t see any lesson from that? Or are you too old: too intellectually challenged; too mentally impotent to see?

If I were the Foreign Minister of Malaysia, a terse and not very nicely worded missive in respond to the above statement would find its way to Singapore by now.





Post script:

By the way, dear Lee Kuan Yew, do you want to know what a pub singer thinks of Singaporeans? Well here it is. 

Quote: Singaporean men are “arrogant, short and ugly” but she would marry one of them for their money.

Now now Mr Lee, don’t you go declaring war against China please. That was just an opinion of a pub singer.


watchdog said...

singapore shone because we in Malaysia and Spore's other neighbours were too busy enriching their selves at the expense of the people.
If all our people were here and allowed to flourish and function without bloody meddling politicians and civil servants, Sporeans and Aussies will be migrating here

Sick and Tired of Politics said...

Singaporeans should by now realise that that Old Man should keep his mouth shut for the sake of neighbourly relationship with Msia. Whenever he speaks, his stink spills over and someone just has to pick up the mess. Poor Singapore. And poor Singaporeans, forever subjected to the scaremongering of the good old PAP king.

Anonymous said...

let's get Mahathir and LKY together to keep each othe company on an otherwise uninhabited island, and live out the rest of their days.

Anonymous said...

correction..indonesian never mentioned the word "war " ? you must be 12 years old. Have you forgotten the confrantation?

Anonymous said...

either he is already senile or trying to create a controversy to get some attention. same gaya like his good buddy here.

screw this said...

Malaysia got infiltrated by hundreds of thousands of Thais, Pinoys and Indons. Is this issue not serious enough? Well, they are certainly not carrying guns, but did a good job in decreasing living standards and increasing crime rates in Malaysia, thats the double sword we are looking at! Instead of writing articles about whats wrong in Malaysia, slamming a first world country with a third world mentality. Very disappointing! If any of our previous statesmen are as 1/10 as good as LEE, we wont end up where we are today!

Patrick said...

Unfortunately, Art, you forget that there have been instances when things were "hot" Malaysian politicians have shouted to turn off the taps.

If this is not cause for worry, I don't know what is.

The POA was legally signed in 1990 between Daim and LKY. Yet, your MM reneged on the agreement

And you accuse LKY of being senile, intellectually challenged etc

I expected better from you, Art

You disappointed me this time.

Anonymous said...


All I can say is u sure had a bone to pick with the now retired Harris.

Too much ayam rendang during this holiday break?

Harris has a lot of bones to pick with M'sia, but he definitely no water-walking mamak! Thus his international standing.

Perhaps u would buy the wikilead's Islam is venomous tune too?

As far as the 'war' goes, someone has justly correct u about the stand of Indo. If u care to read more about some news comments circulating around Manila & Bangkok, vis-a-vis the M'sian hands in their Moro & S Thailand provocations, what Harris said is mild indeed.

BTW, what utusan [五毒散] didnt report, doesnt mean the saying didnt exist!

Then of course u wont trust utusan, the Star or any of the local MSM would u?

art harun said...

To all of you who think I have lost my marbles:

Thanks for expressing your opinion. But hey, to me there is no choice. In a matter concerning my country and when some old fart threatens war against my country, I say "screw you!". It is as simple as that.

Partisan politics does not come into the picture anymore when my country and our sovereignty is at stake.

And Patrick, I am not saying the 1990 agreement should not be performed. I am telling him off for issuing a veiled threat of war.

In any event, let's just say that I know that there are serious legal issues about the 1990 agreement.

screw this said...

Look Art, he didnt imply going to war, just a matter of taking a stand. The main reason for Malaysia to decay in such extreme speed and manners are not due to other foreign statesmen insulting Malaysia. We as Malaysians need to work for a better Malaysia ourselves and not by picking bones with outsiders. They dont cause the decays in Malaysia, and their words are nothing more than words! Action speaks louder you do know that by now dont you? Who cares if he waves keris infront of thousands? If we can live with our own leaders threatening us, what more of LKY?

art harun said...

Sorry screw this...

I can't live with people threatening war to my country, especially if he is from Singapore.

HuaYong said...

Art Harun,

I share your stance. Screw this Yew bastard.

The stupid Yew bastard follower in this thread is just kids with six years old brain. Pardon their juvenile mind-set, please.

screw this said...

You rather our own Malaysians waving keris threatening Malaysia's minorities then someone just taking a stand? He didnt say he is going to attack Malaysia did he now? Only to do what is right to protect Singaporeans, Singaporeans should be proud of having such leaders at their disposals, where as what do we have? USD24M ring? Submarines that can barely sink? Can our military protect Malaysia if there is war? Singapore can back up what she says, can we?

art harun said...

dear screw this:

quote:You rather our own Malaysians waving keris threatening Malaysia's minorities then someone just taking a stand? :end quote

How long have you been reading my blog? Please go through the archives before you jump to conclusions.

You miss the point. LKY cried war against my country. Get it?

Anonymous said...

why do you get so work up?

if our leaders are open minded instead of harping on the stupid religion called islam and ketuanan melayu, we don't have to get upset with LKY words, he will come begging

Anonymous said...

That word has no hidden bone or meaning. Singapore will attack if we turn off the tap. I was told by landlord when I was staying in Singapore. It is well known fact in Singapore actually. All artillery or tanks are properly prepare in case needed. Ship and planes from Australia, Taiwan will sent to Malaysia. We will lose if we go to war. I was told, they have strategy, stages, offensive/defensive layout on all neighbours. These r updated yearly. I doubt we have any plans ready!!

Anonymous said...

"The Deputy Prime Minister said the opposition made the allegation because it did not know that a water treatment plant had existed in the Sungai Lingu area in Bandar Tenggara, Johor."

"I have to reply because the opposition is spreading lies... what actually transpired was that when I was the mentri besar, I received a call from Dr Mahathir (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) one day," he said.

Muhyiddin said Dr Mahathir had summoned him to attend a meeting in Kuala Lumpur with then visiting Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew over gas pipeline and water supply issues.

He said during the meeting between Dr Mahathir, the then finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin, Lee and him, Lee had pressed for adequate water supply to the republic from Johor.

"Lee said Singapore was ready to go to war if Malaysia did not want to supply enough water and expressed his regret over the stalled water supply project from Sungai Lingu."

screw this said...

Slamming LKY wont change the fact that we are where we are today. There are tonnes of stuff gone wrong in Malaysia. You said you wrote about the Keris boys in UMNO, so... anything change? Nothing! They just got Perkasa to do their dirty works now on and Utusan. Singapore has already won 1/2 of the war, over 300k skilled Malaysians working in Singapore, guess what? They are not Indon, Burmese or Bangla workers you find trolling around KL or other smaller towns in Malaysia. War is always about 2 things, land and resources. They dont really have to go to war with Malaysia! Malaysians go to Singapore to contribute instead! The only problem they have is water, and thanks to the famous MAMAK, who in the right mind is going to trust the politicians in Malaysia? Try to be in LKY shoes, and think what you should do to secure the future for your people. Is Malaysians thinking likewise? Or just empty barks? How many malaysians have left for greener pasture overseas? I would really love it if you can write a detail articles about that, rather than on a non-issue like this.
We can scream and shout, and seriously, i am more concerned about the rising cost of livings in KL. Can you believe nasi lemak ayam + teh ice is RM6.20 now? Damn those capitalists :/

screw this said...

Oh, and look at how efficient Singapore Military compares to us. And how much we paid for the hardware compare to Singapore? Malaysia's institutions are rotten to the core. The mentioned that it is going to take 30 to 40 years to repair Libya's institutions... I wonder how many years we need to get it right for Malaysia... Not in my generation surely by looking at the clowns on both political sides...

DJ Law said...

Hey bro, chill lah... I think you have misinterpreted about LKY's statement and the context in which the word "war" was used by him. It was suppose to be a joke. Seriously!!!

I have found the video of what he said on the internet. Below are the link:

Notice the response of the crowd...All laughing when the words "water" and "war" was used respectively on Q&A session with him. What's more the question was posed by a fellow Malaysian studying there!!

Reach me at @twl11 on twitter if you can't access to that link...

Anonymous said...

As a Malaysian, we all should defense our Country (not meaning our government) no matter how. Art is not wrong.

[Sun Tzu's Art of War]

1). So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.

2). If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.

3).If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.

Yew is not saying something at random, he knows "The Art" very well.


Anonymous said...

Hello Art,

LKY is a giant by any standards. Yes, he appears to be a big mouth at times. But having followed his career, thoughts and actions since my teens, for the past 40 odd years, I am inclined to think that what he says is always part of well thought out broader political strategy; deliberately verbalised to create certain impressions and send certain messages.

I believe he has send his message across. it is now for Malaysian leadership to respond to what was said by LKY.

Your talking about ... "In a matter concerning my country ...." sounds like straight out of some old 1950 malay tearjerker black and white movie.

Your country is being raped and screwed left, right and centre by your own people on a daily basis. Someone close to the top honcho gets Euro 100 million as commission for the country's purchase of submarines.

When asked "why?", "how come?" the qick reply is "if the supplier decides to give a commission to a middle man, what can the malaysian government do??". Bloody luncheow, why the fucks must a soverign government with 1.4 million government servants at it's disposal, including some of the best brains in the country require the services of a RM 2 company to act as a middle man when placing orders worth billions of ringgits.

You see, that is the difference between Malaysia and Singapore. Here, we are into rhetoric. A project that can be completed for RM 2 million is given out to some clown for RM 4 million. While the Singaporeans grant the project for RM 1.9 million to the most competitive guy.

You multiply the financial impact of both the countries approaches over thousands of projects. Then multiply that by 5 years, 10 years, 50 years. Then you will see how your country is raped, pilfered and abused.

Friend, please open your eyes to what is happening in your backyard. Do something real and tangible about it.

LKY is way, way beyond your infantile level.

Anonymous said...

I'm afarid I have to side with the old senile yew-fart on this, though I don't agree with his method of delivering the message.
As another poster said put yourself in his shoes, you would have done the same thing -- go to war -- if you & your people's survival is being threatened. Everyone knows water is the key ingredient to living. Thats what his people would expect of him and especially so if you have far more superior weapons at your disposal. He will fail badly as a leader if he didn't do that. And what more if it goes against an agreement signed I believe in early 60s. In the eyes of international watchers he would have a strong & legitimate case to go to war if the taps are actually turned off.
Last but not least, first use of the phrase "go to war" was not by him, but Hamid Al-Blur (Foreign Min at the time) at the end of yet another inconclusive negotiating rounds back in the early 90s. So what he had done now is merely calling out Al-blur's bluff, or not, albeit after nearly 20 years.

Anonymous said...


I guess you just have to accept that some Malaysians couldn't be non partisan when dealing with the pride of our nation. Nevermind when a foreign near-senile politician is clearly trampling on our country's dignity. To them, it is better to talk bad about their own country than to have any iota of patriotism.

Michael Corleone's now enigmatic words to his brother Fredo, "Fredo, you're my older brother and I love you. But don't ever take sides against the family ever again. Ever".

Clearly we now know which sides some Malaysians will take.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Firstly Art Sir, you deserved to be congratulated for opening a thread on Lee

[hereafter referred to as FuckYew} utterances on the threat of war with Malaysia.

Some months ago a thread appeared on the net stating something to the effect

that after a negotiation on water in Singapore Mahathir [MM] apparently asked

his senior military officers as to how long would singapore army would take to reach

a major town in the Peninsula. Some figure of 6 hours was bandied about.

This utterances were suggesting that Singapore Army is a superior lot and they

could take over some key towns in the Peninsular.

The Vietnam War

The US with all their military might ans superior air , navy and famed marine

were beaten by a kampong minded vietnam and later Cambodia. I felt that

our military leadership knew that Our military strength lies in our jungle

warfare. That is why the jungle wargames involving singapore were discontinued.

That Singapore could win a a war with malaysia was a myth until recently when

pm Dollah -mat mata layu opened up johore corridors to remove thousands

of acres of jungles so that malaysia would be exposed at our first gate -johor bahru.

Anyhow that Singapore would readily start a war with malaysia is a sandiwara

put up by the bn party machinery merely as a use to explain why we charge a few miserable

sen for thousand litres of water which gave singapore biliions of dollars

in revenue. At the back of my mind I can see our bn leaders and the gomen

opisers in the negotiation process have had their bank accounts

in singapore updated with millions of sing dollars courtesy of singapore gomen

through their front corporations.

The Recent Wikileaks

It was reported that FuckYew had told Clinton that Islam is a venomous religion.

Perhaps FuckYew had a slip of the tongue. Perhaps Fucks would have wanted to say that the

melayu leaders and gomen opisers [not excluding the chinese opisers who represented malaysia]

are venomously greedy.

I have had high opinion of Fucks and I certainly hoped that that was what he meant.

I certainly think the 'mudah lupa' style that he is using now is no good .

Fucks is a chingkie-albeit a good and honourable one.

Khong Khek Khuat

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

You rebutted three times, and each time you loose your head on LKY threatening your country. You are as blind as (in your own words) “Singapore’s blind-as-a-bat air force pilots”. Let’s face it Art, you are no match for crafty LKY. Johor’s water supply to Singapore is just a red herring for something more sinister.

Singapore does not need raw water from Johor, period. If you go underground (literally) in Singapore, you will see vast networks of some two-meter high tunnels linking to reservoirs, and they are not playgrounds built for sewage rats.

Do your math, Singapore buys 1000 gallons of raw water from Johor for 3 sen, and sells back treated water to Johor for 50 sen. What are the costs for treating 1000 gallons of raw water?

Anonymous said...

Screw this

I cannot fathom whether you are a young girl or boy .

Nevertheless I assume that u are a young person.

The waving of keris by X in front of his supporters is merely

acting out a scene by x. It means nothing. If u don't believe me

when u meet X in person ask him whether he has slaughtered or kill

a chicken. X xomes from a wealthy family. Probably never have

to sweat in a day school - protecting the place where one is standing

or standing up to a bully. All those bragging about -

chinese blood is all a load of bull. Ask your mom if she had wrung

the neck of a chicken. She probably said fity or hundred or so...

I see crime night and thousands of crime series. The type

of people who kills are either those without feelings [love]

i.e born without feelings or have lots of passion [love]

The most dangerous are the type who love you most- and

they can with the wrong circumstance can hate you most.

And in the wrong circumstance can take your life. Obviously

Y had loved Altantuya and in a special circumstance had

asked others to kill her. Unless X is like Hitler,

it is unlikely X have the guts to carry out what he had



Anonymous said...

Believe me, Singapore is a peaceful nation. We love Singapore as it is.

A Singaporean.

Tiger said...

If they "want war", we'll give them one!
Actually, if we annexed Singapore, it'll be good.
Very strategic location, plus we'll get the best port in the world.

Anonymous said...

dont get worked up unnecessarily la. he didnt threaten any war. hes just mentioning a scenario of what happens if you turn off the water tap. this scenario is publicly known in SG, not even an open secret.

annex Sg? hahhaha...by the time MY assemble something decent, SG army will be in melaka already la. thats the reason why MY national service was introduced...after the shocking discovery of only 5000 soldiers to defend entire johor...cheers

Anonymous said...


Pls do think like this;

Water supply to S'pore is the same as Islam to all the Muslim fanatic.

Both can cause war simply bcoz of a casual utterance.

The only difference is S'pore will do it with a 100+1% strategic evaluation. Meanwhile, the Muslim fanatic will just react blindly to claim their spurious 70 virgin!

So who's screwing who NOW?

Eric Mudasi said...

1) Singapore does not need Malaysia's Water anymore.

They just handed back 4 water works to Johor.PUB chairman Tan Gee Paw and Johor State Secretary Obet Tawil were signatories at the handing over of the water treatment plants at Gunung Pulai and Skudai, and pump houses at Pontian and Tebrau.

The handing-over ceremony was held at the Gunung Pulai water treatment plant here on Wednesday.

Also present were Johor Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani Othman and Singapore Water Resources Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.

The handing-over marked the end of the 1961 water agreement signed between the Singapore and Johor governments.


and also they have the Marina Barrage Singapore’s 15th reservoir, and the first in the heart of the city. With a catchment area of 10,000 hectares, or one-sixth the size of Singapore.


Eric Mudasi said...

Malaysian Armed Forces has been tarnished by scandals in Mindef and corrupt politicians. Will we ever see an Officer Corps like these again:

First Recipient of the Pingat Gagah Berani:

LIEUT. LEE AH POW, who commanded a troop of Scout Cars from C Squadron
2nd Recce MSF in support of 2nd/5th GURKHA RIFLES patrol of 12 men on the 12th September 1962 played an admirable part and showed exemplary courage when the patrol was surrounded by about 100 armed KATANGESE GENDARMERIE on MARTINI TRACK JUNCTION, ELIZABETHVILLE. With a high degree of restraint and presence of mind LIEUT. LEE AH POW deployed his troop in a position of all round defense to take on the Enemy should they open fire, and thus provided a screen around 2nd/5th GURKHA RIFLES. With undaunted courage and high quality of leadership he controlled his men from opening fire until the enemy opened fire first on the patrol. Only then under a most difficult situation knowing of the UN PEACEFUL AIM, he ordered his troops to open fire with short bursts, in which they did and killing only two Gendarmes and wounding one.


Eric Mudasi said...

Malaysian Armed Forces LIABILITIES courtesy of UMNO, USNO & Muammar Ghaddafi:

More on Malaysia’s links with international terrorists

On 23 October 2002, FAC News wrote “Malaysia had a long history of supporting terrorist groups”.

Yesterday, Ali, a police officer, wrote a letter to Malaysiakini called “We were in Moroland” reinforcing the allegation. In his letter, Ali said:

I read Eric Mudasi’s letter “No smoke without fire in terror links” (below) with some pungency. I am not sure what he actually knows, strangely it was somewhat close to reality.

I need to be careful about what I say as I am still a serving officer with the Royal Malaysian Police. In the 1970s, I was part of a 15-man specially selected unit attached loosely with the police force then but reporting to Mindef directly.

The unit members were mostly Muslims but a few were non-Muslims who were recruited because of their expertise. They came from the army, navy, police field force and a few from elsewhere.

Our primary role was to assist Moro separatists by providing them training especially on how to use guns, make home-made bombs, set up ambush, fighting tactics and to organise and operate as a cohesive unit.

We did supply weapons, money and shelter for the fighters when things got too hot ‘there’. We used to go across in the night in six-man teams by boats for a two-month ‘tour’. My unit was headed by a senior civil servant whose name I am not at liberty to disclose save to say that he is now a comfortable Umno politician.

I understood the operation to help these friends there have been ongoing since the 1970s. However, we were faced with several problems. Our friends, whose names I cannot disclose, were unprincipled and undisciplined, took advice when it suited them, and were certainly very happy to take money from us. There was genuine fear among us that this lot would be a liability to Malaysia.

The whole operation was toned down when Hussein Onn became prime minister in 1976 but was later stepped up again only to be shut down completely in 1985. I am not aware of any further operations since then.

I am not sure if the assistance was given, as Eric Mudasi said, to distract attention from claims over Sabah and bog down the Philippines Armed Forces or to help our minority Muslim friends in an alien and catholic state or whatever. The rationale behind the operation was a moot point for us in the unit.


Eric Mudasi said...

LKY has NO business treading lightly when the believe systems of the adherents of ISLAM threaten the STATE:

The Embassy Bomb Plot

The plan was to attack six different targets simultaneously in Singapore using six truck bombs, each rigged with three tonnes of ammonium nitrate, a bomb material. The potential targets included the US and Israeli embassies, the Australian and British high commissions, Sembawang Wharf and Changi Naval Base (as these were used by the US military), as well as commercial buildings housing American companies.

Hambali's strategy was to prepare the JI in Malaysia and Singapore operationally to mount a series of terrorist incidents at the right time. Targets in Singapore would include the water pipelines and MINDEF. The aim was to create a situation in Malaysia and Singapore conducive to overthrowing the Malaysian Government and making Malaysia an Islamic State. The attacks on key Singapore installations would be portrayed as acts of aggression by the Malaysian Government, thereby generating animosity and distrust between Malaysia and Singapore.

Hambali aimed to stir up ethnic strife by playing up a "Chinese Singapore" threatening Malays/Muslims in Malaysia; he hoped that this would create a situation which would make Muslims respond to calls for
jihad (militant jihad), and turn Malaysia and Singapore into another "Ambon", where religious clashes have broken out between Christians and Muslims since Jan 99, resulting in many deaths and injuries.


john said...

Author of that article is either too young or chose to ignore the fact that UNMO has always use the "turn of the tap" threat to constantly remind the SG Government that they are at our mercy. And you wonder where all that talk of war came from? Sg does not need johor water anymore, period.

Eric Mudasi said...

In the Malaysian Army

*Iban soldiers who are predominantly Christian are forbidden to have prayer gatherings in Army Camps for themselves and their families (as churches are too far from Army Camps and transportation is a challenge)

*Ibans are discouraged from joining the armed forces and obstacles are placed (tattoos are part of Iban culture, not allowed in the army)

This is policy on the recommendations of KAGAT
Religious Corp of the Malaysian Armed Forces

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

My my, you are really getting really worked up just because old Harry Lee down south said something like "which will lead to war". Unless my Inggeris fails me (courtesy of a great flip flop Inggeris-Bahasa Baku-Bahasa Malaysia-Bahasa Melayu-maybe Inggeris again education system expounded by the Education Ministry since 1980), I don't read it as Harry Lee actually stating he was about to then or intending to declare war on Malaysia.

Perhaps you should calm down even if Harry Lee did indeed want to declare war on Malaysia. Should it happened, I can proudly say that our Malaysian forces would have annihilated Singapore with our supreme fighter jets (those can fly without engines), submarines (those can neither dive nor submerged), armoured vehicles (those that cost more than RM1 billion each) and disciplined soldiers (when they are not robbing the people with army weaponry) and OF COURSE, our third force comprising the 500,000 silat exponents under the command of a certain mystic wheel chair bound Mahaguru. And do not forget we also have Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa army so what chance has Harry Lee and his puny spoilt Singaporean forces against our almighty war ready offensive machinery. To this I will cerainly say "Screw the Singapore forces".

So chill out a little bro. I love reading your column and shall continue to do so. But from time to time, we will come across someone who may have used the word "war" on us but actually it might just be a figure of speech. If you could remember, we also have our Malaysian football team declaring "war" on Singapore's football team recently prior to the 2nd leg pre-World cup qualifying match. And what a "war" it was, eh?


Eric Mudasi said...

LKY play CHESS @ a GEOPOLITICAL & VERY STRATEGIC LEVEL always 5 moves ahead. The audience is not Singapore.
By slighting ISLAM, he anticipates the knee jerk or instinctive reaction of the Malays, in the Semenanjung, that is "circling the wagons" against the Chinese BOOGEYMAN. In essence TORPEDOING any chance Anwar or PAKATAN have of establishing a beachhead. He wants a tarnished UMNO to stay in power. After all he still wield's the "Sword of Damocles" over Najib & Rosmah. Why use it for short term gain when you can "milk" it for everything.
Case in point ... Iskander zone avery shrewd and quiet conquest .... sea level projections from Global warming and Polar ice caps melting ...and as ALWAYS and in EVERYTHING they do Singapore is the BEST prepared in South East Asia:


Anonymous said...

I understand Art you are pissed off...

But please kindly direct your attacks at LKY and his cronies...do not forget quite a number of his cronies (PAP ministers) are malaysian borned too...

So please...it is not the Singapore gov't threatening malaysia...

It is the leetard self deluded self serving greed for greed's sakes PAP government you should direct your future direct and indirect attacks at.

Harm the ones that harm you...not the innocents.

Good day all.

Eric Mudasi said...

The total land area of Singapore is approximately 700 sq km with a coastline 193 km in length. As Singapore is an important economic and industrial centre in the region of Southeast Asia, its landuse tends towards heavily urbanised urban centres.
n its 2001 assessment of global warming, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projected that global mean sea level is expected to rise between 9 and 88 centimetres by 2100, with a 'best estimate' of 50 centimetres.

A warmer world will have a higher sea level because as the land and lower atmosphere of the world warm, heat is transferred into the oceans. When materials are heated they expand (thermal expansion). So the heat that is transferred causes sea water to expand, which then results in a rise in sea level.

In addition, water from land-based ice such as glaciers and ice sheets may enter the ocean, thus adding to the rise. A point to remember is that no extra water is added to the oceans when ice floating in the ocean melts. As floating ice melts, it only replaces the volume of water that it originally displaced.



Anonymous said...

Dear screw this,

You, like many of us, have absolutely no idea what our armed forces are capable of. I'm not actually aware that suppositions and petty blogs that belittle our forces must be accepted as the gospel truth. Perhaps you read them too much my friend.

And RM 6.20 for nasi lemak ayam and iced tea? Man, i dunno about you, but I can still find lots of places that sells them at half of that price. And I'm from KL :-D

- mojo

Eric Mudasi said...

Singapore's Operational Readiness is never in doubt.
All they have to do is secure fuel oil terminals in Southern Johor and establish a beach head and the SAF is FORMIDABLE;








Air Force:


HIMARS is designed to be a more transportable counterpart to the tracked M270 MLRS system that can roll off a C-130 to deliver long-range artillery support. The HIMARS systems will complement Singapore’s own air-transportable Pegasus semi-mobile 155mm howitzers, providing longer range precision strike just as they complement the USMC’s M777A2 howitzers.


Eric Mudasi said...

. It is not just the sheer logistics but the SPEED that is FRIGHTENING...ask yourself this can Malaysia do this.

Boxing Day TSUNAMI


Watch the video:

The Singapore Armed Forces in Real WORLD ACTION. Even the Americans were in AWE and that is saying a lot. They even ferried over an air traffic control module in anticipation of reestablishing the airfield for when the planes of the International Relief effort gets into full swing:

28 Dec 04, Paya Lebar Air Base
Singapore Armed Forces despatches C-130 aircraft with relief and medical supplies to Indonesia.

29 Dec 04, Sembawang Air Base
Republic of Singapore Air Force's Chinooks leave for Medan, Indonesia.

29 Dec 04, Tuas Naval Base
Republic of Singapore Navy's Landing Ship Tank will transport supplies and serve as helicopter staging area for Search and Rescue operations.

30 Dec 04, Paya Lebar Air Base
Singapore Armed Forces medical team departs for Indonesia.

30 Dec 04, Sembawang Air Base
Republic of Singapore Air Force's Chinooks and Super Pumas head for Thailand to aid in relief efforts there.

30 Dec 04, Aceh, Indonesia
Singapore Armed Forces medical team arrives at Aceh.


Eric Mudasi said...

Mahathir cannot articulate at all well.
His remarks are meant more for Kampung folk.
Anwar can articulate on the global stage.

LKY on Charlie Rose:


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
screw this said...

Dear KKK,

You blind? Or just too dumb to understand what I have wrote. Like you said, they have been playing the Keris cards for ages, and yet nothing happen! same as LKY, its just words and if you can get stimulated so easily over such words, why cant you do the same for the Keris boys? LKY is defending Singaporeans, where as UMNO is defending Ketuanan, do you see something wrong here, or too enjoy with your perks by being a malay?

screw this said...

and Mojo,

Yes there is little we know about Malaysia's Royal Arm Forces, perhaps we are one of those humble countries that wont show our true force.
Very interesting blog...

Military expenditures:
2.03% of GDP (2005 est.)

This is Singapore.

Military expenditures:
4.9% of GDP (2005 est.)
country comparison to the world: 17

Oh and good for you getting cheap nasi lemak, I am jealous >.< I wish those mamak in Wangsa Maju can lower down their prices... sigh, bloodsuckers...

Eric Mudasi said...

TUDM and its challenges with technology:

New Straits Times
Technician killed in ejection seat accident

KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - A Royal Malaysian Air Force technician was killed when the ejection seat of a Hawk 108, where he was seated, blasted off and hit the roof of the hangar at the RMAF base in Butterworth today.

Six junior technicians who were on training were injured in the incident.
The deceased was identified as Shawn Christopher Chew, 25, from Kota Kinabalu. The injured were G. Gopinaohan, 23, of Perak; Mohd Herizan Jaya, 21, of Malacca; Mohd Shahril Mohd Kushairi, 20, of Kedah; Wan Erhan Tarmizi Wan …

Eric Mudasi said...

Man you should count the helicopter crashes all very awful outcomes. Singapore can save the ammo and wait for them to crash

9th November 1989 also seen as 12th and also 14th

Carrying 21 people including 15 Senoi Praaq Police Field Force
S-61A-4. "Nuri" Sea King

14th July 1985 also seen as Jun

Kapten Kamaruzzaman ejected Seats hit house before parachute deployment - killed
Aermacchi MB.339A

Maj. Shubli bin Ismail ejected seats hit house before parachute deployment - killed
Aermacchi MB.339A

Tuesday 9th November 2004
pilot Mejar Fajim Jusfar Mohd Mustafa Kamal*
MiG-29N Fulcrum
ejected safely - suspended in tree for over four hours - rescued next day
crashed 16 nautical miles north west of the of the air base at the Ketengah Perwira
oil palm plantation in Kemaman, Terengganu



WTF (malaysian edition) -
A pet monkey hurled a four-pound coconut at a farmer (Mat Hussein Sulaiman) and killed him instantly. The monkey was sent to jail on a charge of second-degree murder! ( 21 March, 1995)

- 84 year-old Tengku Muda, a bomoh (witch doctor) from Tumpat, Kelantan, who used a secret portion which made him irresistably attractive to women. He married his 80th young bride. According to this toothless bomoh Tengku Muda, most of his marriages ended in divorces. (19 April, 1988)

Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammed has offered an unorthodox solution to his country’s growing problem with flashers. He is advising wome to rip off thr sarongs of men who expose themselves, leaving the culprits buck naked!

- In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia executioner accidentally hangs himself while testing the noose! This is the third executioners to be killed accidentally in the past two years. (14 September, 1999)


Melvin Ng said...

He's like our Dr M...say only retired but the mouth is shooting crap non stop.

When will they ACTUALLY retire for good?

art harun said...

Anonymous @ 7 September 2011 12:37;

You must be a stupid Singaporean as you don't appear to understand what I have written. Please fuck off from this blog.

Just to demonstrate what you and your lot suffer from your little government all these years, I deleted your moronic comment.

Anonymous said...


Surprise that you are still reading the garbage wrapper called "Star" or maybe the article caught your eye while you were taking out the garbage.

Anonymous said...

Wow! If this is how you folks react to a report of a ranting old man, I will declare war if I am Najib.

It will certainly take the heat off BN, send you troublesome Malaysians to fight a war and hopefully die in the process.

Patrick said...

Art, now you are getting very personal.

The "stupid" fella may have written something stupid but it shows your degeneration into unreasonableness when you condemn all Singaporeans

I am truly disappointed in you. I have followed your blog regularly and though may not agree with all that you have written, I have felt an immense respect for you

Of course, my respect for you may not mean much to you (coming from a Singaporean) but from all the comments I have read, it is quite obvious most feel that you are getting too emotional and not able to debate rationally

You should take a moment to reflect on this.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
art harun said...

Anon @ 7 September 2011 19:30,

It is MY blog. I can do whatever I like. You don't want to visit my blog? Then why are you posting comment here? FUCK OFF. Get it?

art harun said...


I will be the 1st to admit that I am emotional about this issue. What do you expect me to do? Be respectful to that old man after he threatens my country with war? How would you like it if our old man threatens your country with war? Will you respond nicely and respectfully?

I wasn't being general. I said that Anon fellow is "A STUPID SINGAPOREAN", which means he/she is ONE STUPID SINGAPOREAN. I did not say all Singaporeans are stupid.

I said he/she was stupid because he/she displayed an amazing non-ability to understand my article. I wasn't attacking Singaporeans in my article. I was attacking LKY for his callous remark.

I don't write for money or for whatever reason. It is a passion. I value all visitors and readers and for that matter, I highly value your patronage too.

Of course you have the right to be disappointed with me over this article. I thoroughly understand that. In fact I would be surprised, if you, as a Singaporean, are not disappointed with this article. You are disappointed partly because I attack your leader.

Now, how do you think I feel when your leader cried war against my country?

mustakim said...

i still remember during my visit as a student at TLDM Lumut, a navy told me that one day they flash the ship radar towards spore and cause the blackout in various place, its create panics there..cant imagine if the war is on yet LKY dare talk about the war, such a crazy politicians, sure PAP currently in trouble..

HuaYong said...

Patrick boy, what fucking emotional and not able to debate rationally are you talking about, most comments here is just stupid double standard rant, if what our country leader did is wrong, what make the commentators here to justify that Yew bastard is not wrong in a similar context? Are you people seriously has attention deficit or prefer to be called a warmongering idiot?

Anonymous said...

Haha, you guys are real suckers!

It's a tried diversion tactic. When things are not going well internally, create a crisis outside to unite the inside.

The shrewed old fart was trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone:

With the voter lashback in Singapore, something to divert the people's attention from the PAP confidence crisis will do wonders, e.g. invoke patriotism in dealing with an external crisis. You can't have the current Singapore leaders start that, so LKY comes out to do that. He's no stranger to controversy.

Choose Malaysia as the bogeyman. Malaysians will then put aside their political difference and defend the country's position against Singapore. Najib's arse is saved and BN will return to power. It's so fucking easy for Singapore to deal with BN than risk dealing with Pakatan if the latter comes to power in Malaysia. BN is so fucking stupid that they give up an island to Singapore like a little child giving up his toy.

So, what should Malaysians do?

Shrug off the rambling old man. No war is going to happen from all these, just bruised egos. We have the EQ to do that. Let's focus on kicking out BN first in the next GE. If our own house is not in order, we cannot deal with other stuff intelligently and sensibly.

Stay focus, Malaysians ... and that goes triple doses for you, Art!

HuaYong said...

Anon aka real sucker,

This article is not about BN and PR. Period.

I guess this is the common syndrome among people living under a one party state, both end of causeway, they lack the capacity to comprehend the difference between bastard, party and government. Or the right and wrong and what Malaysian should do depend on whether the government is BN or PR? Pity.

dharma said...

I'm one of the many Malaysians living in Singapore. I totally agree that LKY didnt need to mention abt war. In fact no leader needs to mention abt going to war with another country, unless they have been explicitly threatened. And even then, dont we all agree that an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind. So far as we can see most of the wars of the world were based on lies. LKY and TDM are of the same arrogant, egoistic, ....(feel free to insert) kind. Ministers in Singapore get paid abt 2-3million Sing dollars annually. Reason they are paid so much (according to the PAP)is so that they cant be corrupted/bought! Thats legal corruption i would say.

I like to leave with a quote here from a Singapore activist -

Truth is : There is really nothing Asian, or original, about Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP.

The PAP have inherited every facet of Singapore's governance from its British Colonial masters - Parliamentary system, elections system, judicial system, CPF, HDB, English language, an elitist culture, capital punishment. Add to that...

"ISA, Sedition Act, Official Secrets Act - relics of the Cold War, legacy of the colonial past, inheritance of imperialists."

Gospel Truth said...

dharma, I figure you must be a malaysian Chinese. As a foreigner in Singapore you've no damn right to talk about its politics or condemn its leaders. Who do you think you're? Huh, pendatang..? That what your leaders and bumis call people like you, right?
If you don't like it in Singapore, then get the hell back to the third-world racist hole of yours where your own government treats you worst than an animal. They treat the banglas, filipinos, indons better. Don't treat the hand that feeds you, you damned ass!

Jerantut said...

Hi all, cool it. Malaysia and Singapore is one big family. We are like siblings. At times siblings quarrel. No need to be too emotional about it.

Anonymous said...

hey malaysia when u guys come to singapore for war, can u take lky and his useless son back to malaysia and lock them in some dirty cage where they belong? we singaporeans have enough of them

Patrick said...


I wonder if you recall your Mahathir talking about bombing Singapore when discussing the purchase of fighter planes from Russia instead of from the USA.

It may be to elicit laughter; but no sane and rational government minister let alone prime minister of a country jokes about such things.

As it is written in the holy book, "the mouth speakest from the heart overflows" or something like that.

And I am glad that you value my patronage to your blog

To be honest, your articles sometimes astound me(in a positive manner). Thus, it is doubly disappointing to see you getting very emotional.

I have felt for quite some time that Mahathir suffers from an inferiority complex and a through and through sneaky fella; thus what he says, to me, are the ramblings of man full of hate and angst in his heart.

A man mostly to be ignored (although I must admit he is difficult to ignore as what he says influence a lot of people)

In the same vein, if you feel very strongly about what LKY has said, write your piece but remain detached as the lawyer in you is trained to do.

Anonymous said...


‘It is MY blog. I can do whatever I like. You don't want to visit my blog? Then why are you posting comment here? FUCK OFF. Get it?’

This is truly uncalled for!

Yr blog is occupying a piece of global real estate, where everyone has the right to visit & comment on.

If u thought this is yr PRIVATE property then paid for it & make it exclusive. Turn it into a paid per visit site like some of the news portal.

As a thinking lawyer, there r many unthinking kind out there, how do u interpret yr trespassing act?

Make me wonder whether u ‘learn’ it from the many of a road-side operators, who so frequently invaded a section of the parking lots, and turned these free lands into their private business estate!

This write-up is also a reminder for all those arrogant bloggers out there, who use the same excuse like yrs, to censer ‘unfriendly’ comments.

Think about this – don’t like the heat, then don’t get into the kitchen in the 1st place! Moreover, that kitchen is a FREE worldwide estate that accepting any rants without any pre-set conditions! Some rants/thrash r actually pollutants, that sometime do come out from reasonable intelligent beings.

Anonymous said...

Hua Yong is right. People who grew up in a one-party state have no idea how to see the big picture and how shrewd people use an unrelated matter to manipulate the outcome of the matter they are really after.

They only know how to get aggitated over small things and start retaliating in a hotheaded unthinking manner. There are lots of these people in Malaysian politics. Just look at Perkasa, UMNO, Pas Youth, PKR. Even movies show that these people ended up being easily manipulated.

LKY does not raise Singapore-Malaysia relationship and the word "war" to a bunch of students without any reason. He's been around. Everything he said in public, he says it with outcome in mind.

A strong and united Malaysia will create very strong competition to Singapore. If there is a new government in Malaysia that focus on building the country's economic and social well-being (instead of
cari-makan like BN), imagine what new opportunities back HOME there will be for the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians who are prodding up the Singapore economy.

It will be a major brain & labour drain for Singapore and LKY cannot let that happen. He has to help Najib and BN stay in power (even though he may privately think these people are morons), so that Singapore can gain an upper hand in all fronts. An inept, weak and corrupted Malaysia government can be easily manipulated and if necessary, blackmailed.

War? That's the last thing on LKY's mind. Just ignore him, like how we are learning to ignore Mahathir. Malaysians have a lot of nation-building work to do, and should not spend time get upset with LKY.

art harun said...


Some years ago a Federal Court Judge had also expressed that His Lordship was astounded by my arguments. I lost the case. So it was a negative one I suppose.

I am glad that I had managed to astound you some time in a positive manner. I am much obliged for you thinking so.

Hope to have coffee in JB one of these days. :)


art harun said...

Oh btw Patrick,

Honestly and frankly, I don't recall DrM ever said anything about going to war with Singapore. I however stand corrected on this. Knowing that man, I wouldn't be surprised if he had said it.

Anon @ 8 September 2011 07:56,

Yes. This is public domain. But it is a blog which I built with my own hands. I could set it to private if I want to. I could disable comment if I wish to.

I could zap anybody I like just and I don't have to give reason for doing so.

But I rarely do so. This blog has garnered more than 6000 comments and more than 1.3 million visits. So far I have only zapped about 10 comments.

As you can see, one really has to be exceptionally annoying/rude/stupid/provocative to earn that very special treatment from me.

Even a person who said that my dead father is regretting ever fathering me in his grave has not earned that treatment from me. Go and see his comment on my article about my father if you don't believe me.

The rule is simple. You exceptionally piss me off, I zap you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

Your article is stimulating to say the least. With or without you knowing, your article has some sort of started a WAR between commentators from all divide. See this is also WAR but its a WAR of WORDS and nobody is maimed or killed at the end of the day. Just some bruised egos, that's all. Well done Art. You certainly got a lot of people all riled up over a retired Singaporean ex-PM/MM lecture to a group of students with the intention of uplifting their patriotism. Not very much difference from the UMNO head bangers who wave their keris all over shouting "over our dead bodies" rhetoric stuffs to defend their ketuanan melayu against the pendatangs.

Anonymous said...

Bro Art,

My reaction when I first came across "Screw Yew" uncalled for remark is exactly like yours.

I can't stand people "threatening" and "belittling" my country as well. I always believe "Di mana bumi dipijak; Di situ langit dijunjung".

However, to be fair, Screw Yew & Singapore are not the only kurang ajar parties making such threats against Malaysia. Earlier on, we have a group of morons from Indonesia wanting to declare war using bamboos and spears i think. They even wanted to attack our Embassy in Jakarta. Nevertheless, at least those idiots are morons from the ordinary people group and definitely not a supposed to be stateman and ex-PM like Lee Screw Yew.....


Anonymous said...


U take my comment more seriously than the insult inflicted upon yr father!

Man, u r REALLY into something!

Of course u can do all these - ‘I could zap anybody I like just and I don't have to give reason for doing so.’

But then, then how does it jive with the principle of ‘if u can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’ thingy?

Of all people, u should understand this anything-goes dogma of the WWW through & through. Yet u disappointed me!

U built yr site, so what? U r still trespassing a slice of human property that belongs to ALL.

Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin?

Could it be yr subconscious hatred for all thing Harris surfacing?
Say it! U r not alone, all Malay M’sians r in-born with that fear of Harris. This is the cultured human meme within the Nusantara Malay stock as postulated by Dawkin, the godless evolutionist!

art harun said...

Anon @ 8 September 2011 12:22,

That insult was on me and not on my father. You need not be blessed with super intelligence to see see the difference.

I don't deal with insults on me. That is to be expected when I make my stand publicly known on whatever subject.

I am okay if anybody, including you, being disappointed with me. After all I don't write for glory or for adulation. And for you or anybody to be disappointed with me would also mean you and he/she had some kind of expectation of me in the first place. Now that's a compliment, actually.

I can take the heat from whatever I write. But not the shit which some morons seek to throw at me.

And as for your theory that "all Malay M’sians r in-born with that fear of Harris", I just LTIF.

Laugh Till I Fart.

No wonder you are disappointed with me. I don't subscribe to your racist generalisation.

HuaYong said...

Anon 8 September 2011 02:34 “hey malaysia when u guys come to singapore for war, can u take lky and his useless son back to malaysia and lock them in some dirty cage where they belong? we singaporeans have enough of them”

I know it, you Singaporean is damn kiasi and kiasu, and never play fair in all yours dealing with Malaysian. Now here is the swap offer, we have your Yew and son, and you take the cousins, or husband and wife, and we are generous enough to add in some free gift, a father and son plus one Johorean. Hey, unlike yours, ours one is not useless, we don’t mind losing talent to our bro in Singapore.

siewchinteo said...

Art - YOU have declared war too, no?
War of words :)

Anonymous said...

I think the RMAF should bomb their water resevoir if they want war. Flood them with our own water, there will be irony in that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art, we can see the divide now cant we.

Lessons learnt - to a few Malaysians,(i hope its just a few, but have a nagging feeling that there's more of them) there are something or someone more sacred than standing up for Malaysia.

Its ok lah Art...nasib baik ada orang melayu yang boleh maaf zahir batin......kita nak ke mana lagi kan?


Ahmad Bin Kosong said...

HuaYong, the way you think and write, no wonder you're still sucked in that racist third-world terrorist infested place of yours where you own government practices apartheid on its non-bumis citizens.....

Pitiful.....next time when you send your daughters to Singapore as maids.....just make sure they can speak a little Ingeris, ok...?

HuaYong said...

Ahmad brain Kosong,

Be specific on what I wrote so we can debate further la, the hot air from your kosong brain doesn’t tell much.

I agree with you when you claim our government practice apartheid and that is bad. However, I also feel sorry to see you people act like crybaby and refuse to recognise the contribution of the imported talents that don’t even speak Ingeris. But no worry, you can always cross over to JB and seek comfort here if that make you feel better. See, Malaysia always treats Singaporean well.

Btw, let your momma know your two room flat can’t accommodate any maid and get her to work harder and buy you a three room one, you know la, your government prefer to sell land to the no Ingeris speaking mainlander instead of feeding the kosong talented Singaporean like you.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8 September 2011 15:56

I and countless other Malaysians will stand up for Malaysia if that statement about "war" came from Lee Hsien Loong or any senior government officials in Singapore presently in office.

Since it came from an old man from the other side of the causeway, I wouldn't want to get excited about it.

Patrick said...


Peace, my friend

And I am very impressed that you received so many visits.

I still think though that you should bring your blood pressure down a notch or 2.

If nothing else, you can be happy that your post generated so much interest.

Despite some moronic views and rude people, I find the exchanges illuminating especially when somebody calls me "boy".

A public confession - yours / Din and Malaysia Today are my daily staples (although you do not write new pieces daily)

Tpg2Sg said...



Dr M Wants to Bomb Singapore


Singaporean just laughed when they view this and this below:

"There are many ways to skin a cat, and to skin Singapore, there are also many ways."

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia (Straits Times 4 May 2002) (3)

Anonymous said...


'Laugh Till I Fart.'?

I'm disappointed with u bcoz of yr clarity of thought in some of yr past write-ups & I expect the same continuously coming out from u.

This is definitely one of yr LTIF article.

This Malay jin of Harrisphobia, vis-a-vis PAP/DAP hate is well documented.

A simple test - just ask any Malay M'sian about Harris/DAP, u will get the same Chinese chauvinistic/Malay bashing theme coming out from them. Some of the respondants don't even know who Harris/DAP have done/said! The answer is so natural such that it fits well into the description of a cultural meme as theorized by Dawkin. It's not genetic but 100% culture influenced.

U might be LTIF now but that subconscious trace shows. It's just that u, either don't want to know &/or u don't care. It's within yr subconscious mind anyway. U have been type-casted to hate that image, programmed by yr surroundings, ie anything linked, no matter how remotely, to Harris/DAP is detrimental to the Malay race. PERIOD.

BTW cultural meme is not racial stereotyping. Do hope u get the difference.

Call me racist or anything, BUT just look into yrself & cross-check iff u care. I couldn't care less & I definitely won't LTIF to any of yr responses. I'm just pointing out a cultured meme of a group of people that's all.

art harun said...

Anon @ 8 September 2011 18:19 (good God, I wish you would use at least a nick name because it is tedious having to refer to you as Anon @ such & such);

I am glad that you find I have clarity of thoughts in some of my past articles and you actually expected me to keep that it up. I will take that as a mighty compliment coming from you. Thank you.

I am a human being and I do have my moments, unfortunately.

As to your insistence on what you term as Harrisphobia, no amunt of denial by me would change your mind and I will let you swim in your sentiment.

I am just glad, nay, honoured, that I actually have a sociologist who has apparently done a remarkable study on this among the Malay Malaysians and capable of making such conclusion gracing my humble blog.

Do come back here off and on. If at all, you could remind me and my fellow Malaysians of our subconscious tendency.

Anonymous said...

Let me remind u and yr fellow Malaysians of yr subconscious tendency of irrationality.

Here's that reminder from an ancient experiment on monkey, done not by Pavlov BUT with similar conclusion.

10 monkeys were caged within a comfortable confinement. They were provided with enough daily necessities to make their living condition, well 'enjoyable'.

Then a bunch of fresh banana was hanged from the centre of the ceiling. Any monkey that tried to pluck the enticing banana would resulted in ALL 10 of them been water sprayed heavily.

After a few banana attempts, & with the resulting water-baths, NO monkey was daring enough to touch the banana anymore. Life, that's monkey life, went on as old way - leave the banana alone then there wouldn't be water-spraying punishment.

Then one new monkey from outside was introduced to substitute an existing one within the cage.

The surprise thing was every time when this new monkey tried to go near the banana, it was attacked by the other 9. Eventually the new comer learned not to touch the banana also.

Now a second new monkey is introduced into the cage to replaced another member of the first group of monkey.

Every time when this new 2nd monkey tried to go near the banana, it was also attacked by the other 9. Eventually, this second new monkey also learned not to go near the banana.

This pattern recurred when 3rd, 4th, 5th till the 9th replacement. By then, all the 1st generation monkey has been replaced & this group of monkey had NO memory of heavy water-spraying if anyone tried to touch the banana.

Now whenever a new member is introduced into the monkey cage, if it ever tried its hand on the banana, all the other monkey would attack it.

The group attack becomes an impulsive nature, with no any logical reason behind it.

This is cultured meme.

It's the same as Chinese don't like number 4, Malay don't like dog. Not that 4 or dog would cause any calamity to any of these group of people.

So Harrisphobia anyone?

Abrickinthewall said...

Thank you , Mr Anonymous. You have confirmed what I had suspected all along, ie LKY is a great social scientist. The Pavlov principle works everytime.That is why the Singaporean is the way he is today

HuaYong said...


May i suggest we atart a Alibaba to plant banana in JB that allow anyone to get near and even touch on it as long as our "customer" is willing to pay. It seem there is a huge market if what pavlow said is true.

art harun said...


LOL!! Yes, agreed.

Anonymous said...

In any society, there r bound to be some elements of social engineering, intentional &/or unintentional.

Coming back to the M'sian meme, so what has Islam done to the Malay M'sian in general? What has NEP done to the Malay M'sian in living out-look & expectation?

Could it be said that Islam has zilch influences on the logical thinking of Malay M'sian iff one has to take the numerous M'sian happenstances as a guide? How could a great religion allows her followers to behave like THAT!

Could it be interpreted that NEP has produced a lot of rent-seekers, intelligent &/or dumb alike?

Similarly, the interpretation of Malay M'sian's Islamic outlooks has frightened a lot of The Others (Chinese, Indian, Dlls) within M'sia. Is their fear illogical & unfounded?

Ditto with the NEP's implementation that inflicted upon the Others!

Meanwhile u people r still trying to do up-manship with each others within a zero sum setup.

U can now LTIF, such that M'sia Maru is subconsciously piloted by the fart of this cultural meme!

Keep joking & LOL!!!!!

I'm done. sigh......

Anonymous said...


Likewise for us Malaysians!

"Communist" .... ohhhhh! Evil!
"British" ... gentlemen, saviour!
"Americans" ... god!
"Malay" ... lazy!
"Chinese" ... greedy!
"Pakatan Rakyat" ... clean!
"UMNO" ... scums! (this one, I agree)

A Clever Ex malaysian said...

Anon 9 Sep @ 1315, if I were you, I wouldn't want to waste my breath explaining such experiment to him/them. I seriously don't think he/they're capable of understanding what you're trying to tell them otherwise malaysian won't be in this sorry state today.....with those who are clever and capable scrambling out of that damned place in droves every day.

I left a long time ago because I saw what was coming already.

There's a saying, "The only way to convince a fool is to let a fool have his day...."

art harun said...

This thread has gone way west and east than it's original intended destination.

And now it's complete with racial stereotyping disguised as cultural study as well as religious undertone thrown in. Oh, plus the usual my cock is bigger than yours thingy also.

I suppose the Clever ex-Malaysian is correct:

"The only way to convince a fool is to let a fool have his day...."

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I would like to introduce an element of reasonableness into our discussion, as I think it has been a bit lacking here.

But first I have to admit that though I am a Malaysian, I have been quite an admirer of LKY. So that's my bias and apparently, in this case my reasoning would be somewhat skewed in his favor.

First I'd like to draw your attention to the overlooked precondition to the so-called "war" he mentioned. And that precondition is the stopping of water supply. Which means they would fight us if we stop supplying water to them. Since LKY didn't mention they would fight us on any other condition, let's give him the benefit of the doubt that they would fight us only when we stop supplying water to them.

Now let's cool down and think sensibly and reasonably. What's the second most important thing to live, after air (or oxygen)? Right! Water! What will happen to you if I deprive you, or any living thing, of water? Die! You'll lose your live!

In another words, if I say to you I will deprive you of water (something that only I have and you don't), I am indirectly saying "I want to kill you" correct ? Will you not fight me if I want to kill you?

Throughout history, people have gone to wars for all kinds of reasons. One reason which I think no right-minded people would think as unreasonable is "to survive".

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Ah, the nuances of the English language. That is one of the things I don't like about the English. Another one was the dreadful cabbage soup my landlady seemed to like to serve on a daily basis. You cannot take the language too literally.
A. Wow, your girl is really hot!
(Must be summer?)
B. You disturb her and I'll kill you.('B' is a potential murderer?)
You ask a British diplomat what he thinks of something which he doesn't like and he'll probably say "Jolly Good". They think it is diplomatic. Some of us think it is hypocritical! But 'jolly good' like 'nice' actually can mean anything from good to bad.
A. What if Malaysia shuts off your water supply?
B. We'll go to war, naturally.
Then everybody titters or laughs.
But, is our autocrat down south declaring war?
I remembered when I was in school, it was after a rigorous PE period. We were denied time to quench our thirst whereupon the English teacher whose period followed PE appealed to the PE teacher: "Oh, let those poor boys have their drink."
That unfortunately led a group of boys to complain that the English teacher had insulted them
"Cikgu itu kata kita semua miskin."
The principal, whose English wasn't too good, reprimanded the English teacher for being callous. She, the English teacher, was more befuddled than indignant as until today she didn't know what had caused the ire of the boys and the principal.

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First have you watched the video what LKY actually said? Was it quoted out of context? Why our PM & senior politicians are so relax about this issue? Why no demo or burning on the street? Strange?

Besides LKY recent comments, what is wrong with Singapopore? Why get so jealous or upset? They are doing very well. Their economy is now bigger than Malaysia! In reality, Malaysia has no match with Singapore in many aspect like economy, education, healthcare, judicial system, effiency, competition...etc. Who to blame? No one but Malaysian!

Singapore is focus on important issues like economy, new industry, investments, jobs creationg, upgrade skills, and etc. What is Malaysia government focusing? Sodomy 1, Sodomy 2, Sex Video, many sex & financial scandals, arguement of communist issues, independent,...etc

Anonymous said...

Defending Tiger Country Part 3
All jets at Butterworth, Kuantan,Gong Kedak and Subang are scrambled, whilst the jets in East Malaysia are placed on alert, with Malaysian AWACs monitoring airspace in Taiwan and areas south of the Borneo island, for Singapore's reserve jet fighters coming in to join the fight. Simultaneously looking for Singapore's airtankers to be destroyed, before they refuel the RSAF jets coming in from Australia, Taiwan and the US. Many aircraft go down, Singapore's and Malaysia's, there is air parity. Malaysian fighters manage to penetrate into Singapore airspace and destroy 2 KC-130 tankers and 2 Stratotankers diminishing Singapore's air to air refuelling capability.

Malaysian naval ships and submarines scatter to sink and destroy Singapore's navy and merchant navy, concentrating near the straits of Tebrau, as there is air parity. The airborne brigade is ordered to conduct a linkup operation along the Mersing, Layang-Layang, JB line. The Army units in JB are ordered to defend JB, the Tebrau straits is flooded with napalm, benzine, and crude at likely footholds for the Singaporeans.

Singapore's Guards regiments which are heliborne will have to reckon with the Malaysian airborne at all strategic routes which it has to secure for it's armoured formations along three axis Kota Tinggi-Jemaluang-Mersing, Layang-Layang-Rengam-Keluang and JB-Air Hitam-Yong Peng with it's antiquated AMX and Centurions. The defence of these axis has been done numerous times by Malaysian troops on exercises. Meanwhile special forces snipers armed with 12.7 mm Barret rifles will go into hides to take out Singaporean armour at a range of 1.5 km with armour piercing rounds. Infantry taking up positions in strong points with AGLs and anti-tank weapons.

PT-91 Twardy Main Battle Tank. The Singaporean antiquated AMX (so called upgraded)and Centurion tanks will have to contend with this.The PT-91 MBT is equpped with the Fire Control System consisting of Gunner Station. It basis on modernized TPDK-1 sight for day channel and optionally passive PCN-A sight or thermal imagine sight, which create night fighting capability. The fire solutions are calculated by the ballistic, digital computer which processes mixed set of information generated by set of sensors and input manually by the gunner.

Air defence batteries are deployed, with shoulder held anti-aircraft missiles (Starburst systems, Iglas and Jernas). The Malaysian armoured and mechanized formations will race to link up with the airborne. Singapore needs to cross the straits to get its troops across, heavy casualties are inflicted, Malaysians fall back to conduct a delaying and mobile defence, all these are covered by air and artillery.

Malaysians have trained year in year out to march in full combat gear over 40 kms in under 10 hours and construct fire trenches with overhead protection within 8 hours. Laying of obstacles comes next, it is actually a breeze considering the terrain one is familiar with. Independent and co-ordinated tank hunting parties will be sent out. The Singapore advance bogs down at Muar. The US cannot come running, as it is bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq. Guerilla war by Malaysian units are conducted at the rear echelons of the already very stretched Singapore supply lines, who also face a very hostile populace.

Malaysia signs deal worth $48 million with Russia's Rosoboronexport to purchase its IGLA short-range air defense system.

Defending a Small Nation and all about Malaysia.

Its probably at this stage that the diplomats, and the UN will come into play....... This is the otherside of a war scenario, to be more detailed will make this long and probably boring. There is always another side to a coin.

Anonymous said...

Defending Tiger Country Part 2

Malaysia and Singapore water talks (50% of Singapore's water needs is supplied by Malaysia) bog down and there is this ill feeling meanwhile there is this young gungho Commander of a Singapore warship the the RSS Battleaxe guarding the territorial waters off Pedro Branca, also on his mind is his impending divorce where he is going to lose his HDB flat to his wife all because he had a one night stand. This is nagging him constantly, meaning he is not in the correct frame of mind.

Along comes KD Hang Lekir, a corvette on orders by the Defence Minister to permanently station it in the waters off Pedro Branca, due to the failure of the water talks. Guns and radar are on 'active stations'. The Singapore Commander gets a report that there is a signature on the radar of a fast moving large vessel, orders 'action stations'. The commander of Hang Lekir, gets a report that guns are locked onto his vessel, he orders counter measures and simultaneously ranges on the Singapore vessel. RSS Battleaxe's Commander misinterprets this as hostile action and elevates status to 'battle stations'. Commander of RMN Hang Lekir is on the hotline to fleet operations, which in turn turns to MINDEF, Chief of Defence Forces, responds placing all forces on a high alert.

JERNAS area air defence system. JERNAS is the only land-based air defence system designed to defeat the most severe threats, including cruise missiles and smart munitions.The AMS Blindfire weapon control radar provides JERNAS with an all-weather day and night capability. Fast acquisition and extremely accurate tracking of the target and the missile in flight give the air defence system unique dual engagement capability. With pencil beamwidth, high power, adaptive wide-band frequency agility, very low side lobes and smart digital processing, the radar is immune to all forms of jamming.

What does this mean ? It means jets are scrambled to have an air defence capability, with jets on tarmacs waiting to take off. These events are monitored by Singapore's E2C-Hawkeye aircraft, they alert Singapore's MINDEF. Meanwhile the drama on the high seas is unfolding, commander of KD Hang Lekir is told not to engage unless fired upon, the RSS Battleaxe is a FAC(Fast Attack Craft) with 20mm Bofors opens fire on KD Hang Lekir, this corvette, one of the most modern is South East Asia can simultaneously engage targets under the sea, on the surface and air. The commander, to defend a strategic asset from being destroyed and who also who wants to become rear-admiral before the age of 38, orders launch of a ship to ship missile. The RSS Battleaxe is no more. The wife of the Commander of RSS Battleaxe will definitely get the HDB flat. All these is observed by the E2C and reported.

MINDEF gets radio stations to announce codes for mobilization. The Malaysian electronic counter counter measures unit gets to pick up this information and passes it along.Goh, gets on the hotline and calls Dr.M, accusing him of sinking a Singapore warship, Dr. M retorts that it was the Singapore ship that fired first. They continue arguing. Meanwhile, the strategic division is ordered to move to Johore, which it has rehearsed countless times times and played the game against a Southern enemy. Malaysian airdefence radars (Marconi- Martello Systems) and AWACs picks up fast moving aircraft intruding into Malaysian airspace.

Anonymous said...

Defending Tiger Country Part 1

Just to show a weakness in Singapore's anti-armour weaponry, the MILAN needs to stabilize after launch for 400 meters, meaning it needs flat and a clear area before it is guided onto the target. There are not many open places in Malaysia to accomodate that. There are many other weaknesses that I will not mention here. The AWACs, Singapore has, are nearing shelf life, the Malaysians are going to acquire new ones. The Singapore subs are second hand and their tanks are antiquated AMX which have been upgraded so many times, using Frog (French) technology and the British Centurions. Their APCs are still with technology from the sixties. The Malaysian tanks which will be acquired are from the New Europe, Poland. Malaysians are in the process of getting new IFVs from Turkey. Very effective air defence systems are being purchased.

The 'Apache' helicopters AH64D have not been very effective against the enemy on the ground, proven in Karbala and Operation Anaconda. The'turkey shoot" during the Gulf war was a one sided affair on a retreating enemy during the first Gulf War, creating a myth on the invincibility of the Apache. Helicopters that attacked Iraqi Republican Guard units south of Baghdad on March 24 03."In attacking a formation of about 40 Apache Longbows on Monday, the Iraqis staged a classic helicopter ambush first perfected by the North Vietnamese in the 1960s. As the lethal, tank-killing aircraft approached on a mission to destroy the Medina Division's dispersed armor, troops dispersed throughout a palm-lined residential area and opened fire with antiaircraft guns, rocket-propelled grenades and a wall of fire from rifles and other small arms. ... "The Iraqi fire was so intense that the Apaches had to break off their mission and return to base." The results of that failed mission strongly suggest that the modern helicopter is a battlefield liability

Malaysia has MLRS regiments, where the dream target for an MLRS regiment is one such as Singapore, compact and dense.This is a quantum leap of firepower for Malaysia. Malaysia has currently 70 combat aircraft compared to Singapore's 150 combat aircraft. That gap will be narrowed when the Malaysians take dlivery of 18 F-18 Super Hornets and 24 Sukhois. Malaysia will not have limited warfare conducted on Singapore but total destruction.

This is an extract from an article by Derek da Cunha of the Institute of South East Asian Studies, " The Singapore Armed Forces could be described as a rapier, it is manoeuvrable, slick, and, in the hands of a skilled swordsman, can do all the fancy moves in attempting to deliver the lethal stab. On the other hand the Malaysian Armed Forces is like a broadsword; it's not very manoeuvrable, not slick, and, even in the hands of a skilled swordsman is unlikely to do all the fancy moves. Indeed it is fairly lumbering and unwieldy. However, in the ultimate analysis, a single slash of the broadsword could well result in the rapier snapping in half".

Malaysian terrain is very tough for the unexposed or the uninitiated. Allow me to paint a war scenario. Before that have a glimpse of some of Malaysia's naval vessels. Here is part of the details. More on the surface vessels. .

Anonymous said...

Defending Tiger Country Intro Part 2
Just to recapture, on the 3rd of October 1993 incident, in Mogadishu, Somalia a combined team of 4 Pakistani tanks and 24 Malaysian Infantry fighting vehicles rescued America's elite fighting unit, the Rangers. You can see the fictious account in the movie, "Black Hawk Down". For your information as they were moving into the combat zone, when hostile fire was being received the Pakistani tanks turned tail and fled, this has been hushed up in the name of diplomacy. The Malaysians persevered, rescuing the Rangers at the cost of one Malaysian killed, 9 wounded and losing 4 IFVs. Seventy, so called elite American forces did not litter the streets of Mogadishu with their bodies because of the sacrifices made by the Malaysians. Of course US magazines belittled the contribution of the Malaysian troops by calling them 'gun shy', as mentioned in Newsweek.

The Malaysians kept all MSRs openedwhen the Americans withdrew into a shell after that incident and to later withdraw from Somalia. An extract from the Washington Post. "They realized they'd have to do it in armor, so we linked them with 24 Malaysian armored personnel carriers, four Pakistani tanks and two armored personnel carriers and a company of armored Humvees," Stockwell said. Stockwell said "it came together very quickly" and strongly disputed the report of a U.S. Army officer in Washington that "it took intense pressure from Americans to get the Malaysians and some Pakistani M-113s to deploy." "I will grant you that in this international U.N. military we do not have the same command and control; the unity of command is a lot looser, so sometimes it takes some persuading," Stockwell said. But he added: "The Malaysians performed magnificently."

Summary of combat operations. or the US Ranger version.

Malaysians training the US Marines at jungle warfare.

In the decades in the fight against the Communists, there is no record of a Malaysian soldier taken alive. In Singapore's case during the 'Confrontation' against the Indonesians, there is one sorry episode the Singaporeans would like to forget involving the 1st Singapore Infantry Regiment. The Malaysian military remembers it's past, this is an incident which took place in the Congo in the sixties, when 13 Italian airmen, who took refuge at a Malaysian camp, were surrenderd to the rebels by a Malaysian Company Commander, of the 6th Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment(refer to book by Lt. Col Maurice Lam). The 13 airmen were literally hacked to pieces in front of them.One of the reasons why the Malaysians did not turn down the Americans.

Anonymous said...

Defending Tiger Country Intro Part 2
Normally the Military is used against it's own citizens which they are very adept at. At lower levels, tank regiments do not exercise with infantry regiments, artillery and with others which is important to coordinate attacks and defence, these exercises not only strengthen coordination, weaknesses can be identified and rectified, logistics needs for hour to hour requirements on the battle field can be enhanced to improve deliverability, strengths noted to be improved upon, doctrines tested, if needed, changed to evolve into a magnificient fighting force. There is a dictum "the way you train is the way you are going to fight".

Malaysian troops constantly have combined arms exercises throughout the year, they have elaborately planned out training cycles for the individual,units, brigades, divisions and the corps as a whole. The Singapore mind, to place the Malaysian forces in the same category as the Arabs is an under estimation. Malaysian soldiers, sailors and airman join the regular forces for the love of the profession, most of them. There are servicemen with an impressive lineage of soldiering. Most Malaysian servicemen have been blooded. They exercise in peace times with imaginery enemies, they have made mistakes, they go back to the drawing boards. They know their weaknesses,they improvise, adapt and overcome. They also conduct lots of cross training with foreign forces.

An elevated level of cooperation with the United States on the range of fronts.There have been more than 75 U.S. military ship visits in the past two and a half years. The United States conducts training exercises with the Royal Malaysian Air Force, flying with and against them in mock battles. U.S. Navy SEALs conduct training in Malaysia twice a year. The U.S. Army does field exercises with the Malaysian army. I might mention here that, for their expertise in jungle warfare, Malaysians are known in the business as "whispering death." Finally, 1,500 Malaysian defense personnel have benefited from the U.S.

The confidence factor in the Singapore mind is their formidable airforce with their air to air refuelling capability, to bring them in from Australia, Taiwan and the US. One does not strike pre-emptively out of the blue. ". On this page you can find the aircraft order of battle of the Malaysian Air Force, locally known as Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia.
There should be an escalation of tensions. The majority of the Singapore servicemen are conscripts, the key elements of their forces are made up of their regulars. That means there is no continuation in training.

It is a major factor that will contribute in the performance of it's frontline troops. I have seen the conscripts perform, which makes me confident that we can defeat them on the ground, as the bulk of Singapore's forces comprise of conscripts. I do honestly hope they do not faint when they see blood and guts ! Malaysian troops are the only forces in the world to have defeated a communist insurgency. They happen to be the best jungle fighters in the world. Elite fores all over the world are trained by them. The jungle warfare school in Fort Benning, Georgia was set up by a Malaysian team.

Anonymous said...

Defending Tiger Country

The Tigers, Singapore Has To Contend With.

There have been alot of tensions between Singapore and Malaysia, on issues pertaining from water to Pedro Branca or Pulau Batu Putih.Some Singaporean websites present things that if there was a war it will be a walkover for them, then there is this book by Tim Huxley, "Defending the Lion City", which makes out the war scenario with pre-emptive strikes on Malaysian Forces. Where Malaysian Forces are defeated and Malaysians are subject to Singapore's Military rule.

First of all Singapore and Malaysia, their fortunes are entwined, with blood ties across the causeway. There will be no winners in this war. Let me explain, Singapore considers itself the little Israel of South East Asia, thats why a lot of hawks down there advocate confrontation. There is no denying that its forces are well armed. The Israelis have always defeated the Arabs in all their wars, this confidence is ingrained in the Singapore minds. Let's have a reality check here, the Arabs do not regularly have Combined Arms Exercises, meaning they do not exercise simultaneously with their Armies, Navies and Airforce. Why ? To conduct combined exercises there must be clearance from the highest levels, so as to place the state police apparatus on the ongoing exercises, so that the Generals can be monitored. None of their despotic Arab leaders wants a coup conducted against them when all these many generals get together. So in other words their forces are never really tested. Only when cleared at the highest levels are they ever held, as it is a hassle to get clearance, therefore their forces are rarely tested, they learn most oftheir lessons during the war with the Israelis, but then it is too late.

Normally the Military is used against it's own citizens which they are very adept at. At lower levels, tank regiments do not exercise with infantry regiments, artillery and with others which is important to coordinate attacks and defence, these exercises not only strengthen coordination, weaknesses can be identified and rectified, logistics needs for hour to hour requirements on the battle field can be enhanced to improve deliverability, strengths noted to be improved upon, doctrines tested, if needed, changed to evolve into a magnificient fighting force. There is a dictum "the way you train is the way you are going to fight".

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments. Singapore and Malaysia need each other and (sad to say) both Govts have their faults. On the "war" issue, the MY Govt recently planned to charge the MY Bar Council with 'waging war against the King'. This was settled by a meeting between reps from Bar Council and the Agung. So the word "war" is used in varying degrees and should be taken in the broader context. Make LOVE, not war! (A Singaporean)