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Monday, February 27, 2012

I Believe*


* an initiative by a good friend of mine, Anas Zubedy

Dear Brother and Sister Malaysians,

I believe…

‘Until we give NO FREE RIDE to every candidate, no matter which party they may represent, we cannot stand proud and say "WE, THE RAKYAT, ARE IN CHARGE”.’

I believe that a single voter can make a difference. You and I, we are powerful!

I believe that we, the rakyat, are in charge. I believe that our votes and actions count for everything.

I believe that as we, the rakyat, move for the good of the nation, weare changing our nation for the better. I believe that we the rakyat are more powerful than all the party machineries put together.

I believe we can win when we do the right thing. I believe that God is with us when we are genuine, truthful and have faith in Him. I believe.

I am looking for fellow believers.

I am writing to you as a fellow Malaysian, a fellow believer with a heart for Malaysia. Let’s find ways as rakyat to work towards changing Malaysians and Malaysian politics for the better - with love, care and mindfulness; not with anger and hatred.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure we improve the quality of our lawmakers, regardless which party they are from. We are the real third force. This moment in time calls us as rakyat to act to make sure we get only our best people to represent us in parliament. When we get the best, it does not matter which party they are from.

If we grant the mandate for unfit Malaysians to become our leaders, we are directly responsible for letting our nation fall to neglect. So let’s work. Let’s work to make sure only the smartest, uncorrupted, hardworking, sound and healthy candidates are elected.

I need to convince you that when we believe, we can make a difference…

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Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

Do like to hear yr view about this

'vi. Call for a press conference within a month after the elections and show clear knowledge, appreciation and support that the Malay and indigenous customs form our core culture, while the Chinese,Indian and other cultures play strong supporting roles as part and parcel to form the unique Malaysia brand'

from his letter to Nurul.

This particular 'condition' reminds me of a almost similar 'clause' in his letter to LGE.

Anonymous said...

Though rm500 sudah masuked poketku ( NOT his money wat) I tau wat to do lah !

indie said...

This Anas is an Indian immigrant. The fact that the Malays let him in because of his arabic name does not make him a malay in spirit.

These are the same Indians like amir muhmad Farish Noor etc all hounded with india balek india in their young days with hatred towards malays.

No we Malays do not want malaysian malaysia we want Tanah Melayu.

Teckky said...

Are Encik Anas’s views OK with you? Really?

The outing of Anas Zubedy

100thousandChinesebride said...

The system of elected representatives may not be the best way to run the country.

As the NEw Straits Time has been exposing how cabinets proclaimation were simply made to cancel previous orders which were meant to prevent women trafficking.

The way the cabinet works now a Minister would put his views in and duly noted unoticed. So with the minute of the cabinet meeting a law can be simply bypassed.

In the last 10 years 40,000 Chinese women, Vietnamese women, Mynamar women have been brought in to marry Chinese men in Malaysia.

Last year alone 8000 Chinese Vietnamese, etc women were brought in to marry Chinese men! 8000 multiply by 10 years that would be nearly 100, 000 women from China!

What does this shows, the gangsters have influenced in our UMNO government cabinet to bypass the rules. The tourism Minister etc are in cahoot. They dont care about national security. They dont care about toursim because the amout asked is only 50 USD per day.

Why bring in tourist with only 50 USD per day to spend?

So asking to elect those who are angelic, malaikat etc is nonsensical.

The majority must be wised up to these Chinese gangsters method.