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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trading Populism Rather Than Common Sense*

*By Farish A. Noor

Malaysians can guess that elections are around the corner when the stupid-o-meter goes off the scales and our national political discourse slips into irrationality faster than normal. Though our public representatives seem inclined to present themselves as being more stupid than nature intended, their capacity to make a hash of things is an embarrassment not only to themselves, but for other Malaysians as well; and in the process Malaysia makes the funny pages in newspaper reports abroad to boot.

We have already witnessed several decades of the political parties of the land trying to out-Islamise each other, claiming the holier-than-thou mantle for themselves. We have also witnessed parties claiming that they were 'more Malay', 'more Chinese' and 'more Indian' than the other; at the cost of maintaining and reproducing the ethnic-cultural cleavages that continue to divide Malaysians. Now it seems that parties are competing to show how 'anti-Israeli' they can be, and we await the expected results as more froth rather than substance will be added to the already overheated political environment.

I was therefore somewhat disappointed (though not much) to read that some opposition MPs intend to table a motion for a bill to end all ties with Israel, whether direct or indirect. According to the report I read, the MPs stated that the law 'should include the banning of use of (Malaysian) ports by any company that has a trade interest with the Zionist regime'. I had to read that sentence several times as my eyeballs have vacated their respective sockets at first glance. (re: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2012/03/26/have-laws-to-ban-all-ties-with-israel/)

To ban the use of Malaysian ports by any company that has a trade interest with Israel?

Pray tell, how many companies or countries do not have trade relations with Israel?

Or trade relations with any country for that matter?

In the context of today's interconnected global economy, are there any countries that do not have direct or indirect trade links with any other countries? Can any country isolate itself from longitudinal linkages that may go in all directions, leading to the unlikeliest of destinations or origins?

Note that my qualm here has nothing to do with Israel per se, and everyone has the right to their opinions of what and how to characterise the Israeli state and its actions towards the Palestinians. I have made my own opinions clear in many forums and discussions in Malaysia and elsewhere. But what concerns me here is the view that Malaysia must, and can only say no, to any kind of dealing no matter how indirect and far-off with other economies.

Practically every major economy that Malaysia trades with - America, Japan, China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, France, etc has trade relations with Israel, and some of them dont even bother to hide it. If country X were to buy Malaysian palm oil from Malaysia and then sell it to Israel (while grabbing a commission as go-between) does that count as a direct or indirect relation? And what if Israeli products are sold to Malaysia through another intermediary country (that likewise bags a commision), would that be direct or indirect trade? Do these people understand how economies work, for heavens sake?

My concern - which extends to all Malaysian parties, of both coalitions - is that they seem to have become captives of their own rhetoric and pyrotechnics. Furthermore they seem, in their race to out-do each other, to have painted themselves into a corner. Politics is not about saying No all the time; but rather the art of rendering the seemingly impossible possible. Smart and pragmatic politics is about creating opportunity structures and opportunity windows where the country's interests will be forever served and protected, and not burning bridges when one day one might need them.

So imagine this hypothetical situation, related to the uttermost evil country in the world, Bongonia. In Bongonia they eat babies alive. They flay kittens, exploit children, traffic old people, listen to Celine Dion. No country in human history is as evil as these dastardly Bongonians. But by some quirk of history or geography, Bongonia also produces the rare substance called Nasibrianium. Nasibrianium is such a rare resource that it, and only it, can be used in the latest hi-tech gadgets like thinking massage chairs and self-parking cars. Every country on the planet needs and wants Nasibrianium, and will do anything to get it, including overlooking the human rights abuses that take place in Bongonia. America has even sent Madonna as its special emmissary to wash the feet of the President of Bongonia, to secure contracts for Nasibrianium. China is thinking of selling all their pandas to Bongonia because that is the favourite dish of the Bongonians, just to get their hands on some Nasibrianium. 

In such a situation, what will Malaysia do? Stand on its high horse and proclaim 'Never'!, while losing whatever tactical-strategic-technological-economic leverage it might get, no matter how small? Or just say No, but buy the Nasibrianium anyway through third parties who have sold the stuff with commission, and after stamping the 'safe for Malaysian sensibilities' stamp on it? My mind boggles at times, and it is boggling now as we speak. Sigh.



d'enricher said...

Every time the word Israel, Jews, Zionist or other terms if any related to them some people goes bonkers.

A state, the people, their thinking or faith and belief or whatever.

Some people equate wrong things for the wrong reason.

If an individual thinks he will go to heaven ... that is his right eventhough he is of a religion that "eats babies".

Everybody who thinks that there are life after death will always say that they will want to go to heaven.

Israilite do, Palestinian do, Malaysian, American ....

Anonymous said...

I was diving Sipadan recently when the divemaster pointed out a cuttlefish . It was endlessly fascinating.It has a small head, with numerous tentacles, and a disproportionately big torso .It changes the color of its skin depending on the color of the backdrop , in an instant , to camoflage itself.
I don't know why the image of the cuttlefish, with its small head, long tentacles and big torso made me think of our malaysian politicians.
Now I don't know if I am a man dreaming that I was a fish swimming with cuttlefish or a fish dreaming that I am a man

Anonymous said...

Jews are perfect bogeyman, why we need to identify and align with palestinians struggle?.. why not identify with syrian problem!!

Anonymous said...

why paranoid? tell me how many melayu has met a jew?..maybe cannot use anything invented by jews, ..cannot study any theory hypothetise by jewish scientists

Simplex said...

Farish o'Farish. What did Celine Dion ever done to you??

It is an interestingly fun article.

What happens in Msia in the Nasibrianium case study?

Our scientist/minister announces the discovery of Ubikeledekop that is a substitute to Nasibrianium.

In the same breath, it is annouced that Ubikeledekop R Us Sdn Bhd is appointed sole-distributor in Msia.

After changing several hands, Ubikeledekop is finally traded to industrialist at 10x the cost.

But everyone knows that Ubikeledekop = Nasibrianium.

And that Celine Dion's song will go on.

Meanwhile, the parliment passes an emergency motion to debate if male and female magnets should be separated at all times to prevent untoward attraction.

Homer Simpson for PM!

Alisha Residenc said...

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Jeremiah said...

In my recent post about Malaysia's electoral challenges, (The Mirage of Democracy: The Elected and Electorate), I speak about the urgency for the voting public to impose their visions, standards of leadership and expectations on the election candidates.

This may sound idealistic but Malaysian citizens are as much at fault for tolerating the rise of half-baked, populist leaders as we have today and the last two decades.

The greatest risk to the 13th and 14th general elections is voter incompetency risk: that is voting in the person who represents your false beliefs and falacious economic policies that push the nation into the precipice of failed states.

As for the anti-Israel lobby, I think it is hypocritical to be anti-Jew or any race for that matter when we are supposed to be a tolerant multi-racial society.


faknur said...

FarishNoor is really the colonialist wet dream with fuckedup mentality, a small indian brain with imagined superiority over the Malays.

Granted that the evil Yahudi looms large in bibilical fashion in the malays image of evil but if we study world events the Europeans were really driven by mythological evil figures and prophets to justify their looting of the natives in US, the Aztec in Peru, slavery in South America, Brazil, Peru, Argentina etc. It was the myths of Catholics superiority over non believers which caused the Europeans to kill all these people worldwide.

The evil role of religion in painting other believers as evil exist in all religion. The peace that the world is experiencing is due to rational and scientific realisation by a great sections of the europeans. The secular and atheists such as Australian PM stopped the killing of aborigines or natives in Australia and NZ.

It was the Catholic Monarchy persecution which lead to Protestants in the ship Mayflower to setup colony in the US killing Red Indians natives in turn.

So the joke is on Farish Noor and his embarassment at Malays support for Palestine. It is not a joke among the Jews because they are serious about reclaiming their 2000 years old city. It is not a joke in the US the Jews promote their interest.

It is so embarassing to read indian apologist like Farish Noor apologising to the Jews. He dont speak for the Malays. The fact is that there are Jews who really believe in their mythological superiority and hatred of arabs. That should be an embarassment to civilised people. Well that the Arabs and Jews have been fighting each other for centuries over they history is another story.

art harun said...


If only you had left out your personal feelings against Farish, your post would actually be better as it contains starting points for a discourse. Alas, you permitted your emotion to cloud an otherwise good post/comment.

Thanks for the comment anyway.